Our site surveys are conducted by professionally trained engineers who are specialists in their fields. Whether you need a new network or updates to an existing one, we’ve got you covered.

Predictive Surveys

Predictive surveys are completed remotely by a trained engineer using existing site floor plans provided by the customer. We use these floor plans in addition to other relevant site data (ie. wall materials and attenuation areas) to build a detailed network system design using our specialized software.

Pre-Site Surveys

Pre-site surveys, or “AP on a stick” surveys are normally used when you want an entirely new network design. After gathering the necessary information, our network engineer comes on site with a live access point and uses our survey software to build your new network in a live, on-site environment. A pre-site survey will give you a the most accurate representation of what your new network solution will look like.

Post-site Survey

Post-site surveys are used for validation of existing networks. We arrive on site and use our specialized survey software to gather network data, and then deliver the data in the form of specialized documentation. Post-site surveys can also be offered in conjunction with spectrum analysis.

Spectrum Analysis

Our spectrum analysis surveys are used to gather data of not only your current network, but also potential rogue devices that may be interfering with your current (or planned) network.