The WZC Networking Experience

WZC offers a full-service, turnkey experience for each customer that takes places in three phases:

Design and Planning

Commissioning / Construction / Configuration

Service and Maintenance

Wireless/RF Design and Planning

WZC starts with a comprehensive client debriefing to establish the client’s specific needs and goals. Following is a comprehensive site survey and mapping of the client’s business location(s), scanning especially for potential communication barriers and ideal access points. Full survey documentation for the products to be installed is provided. These include CAD maps, heat maps and a full installation document outlining the details of every installation.

Full Survey Documentation

Feasibility Studies


Bill of Materials

CAD Maps

Antenna Reports

Design Overview

Spectrum Analysis

Channelization Planning

Plumbing Diagram

Infrastructure Maps

Head End/Equipment Location Design

Node/Access Point/End Point to End Point Location Design

Heat Maps

Installation Documents

Wireless/RF Construction, Configuration and Commissioning

Our accomplishments are rooted in the competency to take a project solution from our engineering/survey process to the field with exceptionally disciplined resources and to partner with our clients to assure projects and programs are concluded on time and within budget.

  • Outside Plant Construction – Aerial and Underground
  • Inside Plant Construction
  • Pole and Cabinet Setting
  • Headend Buildout – Rack and Stack
  • Coax Installation and Termination

  • PIM and Sweep Certification
  • Fiber Splicing, Termination and Testing
  • Nodce and Access Point Construction
  • Antenna Installation Including Stealth
  • Commissioning and Integration

  • Post Data Collection
  • Carrier Integration
  • Mounting Fabrication
  • Civil Construction
  • Electrical Services

Wireless Service and Maintenance

We stand by our wireless network solutions and offer full support to maintain them based on the client’s needs. In addition we can provide extensive service and maintenance support to an existing program on systems not Engineered or constructed by WZC in accordance of the Service Level Agreements.


  • Response and Repair
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Inspections/Audits

  • System Monitoring
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Help Desk Services
  • 24/7/365 Live Support
  • Moves, Adds and Changes Support

Case Studies

WZC Case Study

Click here to learn more details about our current projects, and how we work with our clients. Included are studies for University of Michigan, Art Van Furniture, and Meijer.

iBwave Case Study

Our friends over at iBwave have written a study outlining how we achieve success through the use of their industry leading products.  Check it out!